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UseCase "URL highlighting text tinkering"

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URLs to websites (including wikis) can highlight sections of text using the pages URL, followed by #:~:text=, and ending with the URL encoded section of the text.
In this context
What links here?

Build the link

  1. Start with a normal external link bracket:
    • [
  2. Then add the pages URL, for example:
  3. Add this little snippet:
    • #:~:text=
  4. Add the URL PATH encoded section of the text you want to highlight using {{urlencode:string|PATH}}
    • {{urlencode:highlight sections of text|PATH}}
    • Which results in:
      • highlight%20sections%20of%20text
  5. Then finish with a space (normal for an external link), the alternative text (probably ideal since the URL will likely be long), and then a closing bracket:
    •   Cool highlighted link]
  6. Putting this all together, you get:
    • [{{urlencode:highlight sections of text|PATH}} Cool tip]
  7. Which results in (need to open in a new tab):

Longer sections of text

  1. The same format can be used to capture longer strings without capturing all the text by separating the two sections of text with a comma ,
  2. For example:
    • [{{urlencode:URLs to websites|PATH}},{{urlencode:section of the text.|PATH}} Cool tip 2]
  3. Which results in (need to open in a new tab):