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hasDescription referring to a potential scenario in which a system receives an external request (such as user input) and responds to it


Page Properties
UseCase "Backup your wiki"

Back up your wiki's data and functionality

UseCase "Clone your wiki"

From a restic repository, restore your Canasta wiki in a different environment, e.g. for development or as a mirror.

UseCase "Create or edit a page"
UseCase "Export/import pages via the wiki interface"

Export/import pages by categories using special pages

  • Mwstake:hasIssue::set interwiki prefix to any value as long as it stays the same for a given originating wiki (ADD THIS CLARIFICATION TO Special:Import)
UseCase "Hiding page tabs"

When all pages within a specific namespace are only created and edited using a Page Form. Therefore users should not use either VisualEditor nor the source editor to edit the page. Removing these tabs reduce the likelihood that those editors will be used. However, keyboard shortcuts can still be used to access these editors.

UseCase "Manage Page Exchange PX packages by API calls"
UseCase "Manage page-level annotations in an elegant way"

You want a **single template** that you can **include in any PageForm** and that single template allows you to **manage properties which are valid for an entire page**. "Managing properties" here means that you can **choose/typeahead all existing properties** (for coherence and consistency) while you are still **able to create new properties**.

UseCase "Record an issue"

Issues can be recorded as their own page by eppo0:hasEntityType::Issue or inline by mwstake:hasIssue.

UseCase "Restore your wiki"
UseCase "URL highlighting text tinkering"

URLs to websites (including wikis) can highlight sections of text using the pages URL, followed by #:~:text=, and ending with the URL encoded section of the text.