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As part of MediaWiki_Usage_Report_for_Wikimania_2015 we'd like to gather some information from existing MediaWiki users to help us understand their experiences using MediaWiki. This is a list of potential questions we would like to ask the MediaWiki community via an online survey.
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Help better understand the demographics of MediaWiki users.

  • How they're using the software (updates, versions, extensions)
  • Why they do/do not contribute.
  • What they would like to see improved in the community/software.

Introduction to appear with Survey

The MediaWiki Stakeholder's Group is working to better understand the usage of MediaWiki. We want to hear from existing MediaWiki users and ask that you complete this short survey about your use of MediaWiki. The results of the survey will help in providing input that may influence the future development of MediaWiki and further enrichments of the community.

The results of this survey will be shared with the public at the MediaWiki Stakeholder's session at Wikimania 2015 and will be posted to at a later date. An anonymized data set will be available for download as well. This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your privacy is important to us. We will only share your responses with Wikimedia staff and contractors and in accordance with our privacy policy. We will only publicly share your responses or survey results in aggregate or anonymized form. By answering these questions, you permit us to record and indefinitely retain your responses for research purposes.



  1. What is your name and position?
    1. Blank text box
  2. Your company or organization?
    1. Blank text box
  3. How large is your organization? (not contributors to your wiki(s) but the size of the organization you represent)
    1. Multiple choice
      1. Just me
      2. Fewer than 25 people
      3. 25-100 people
      4. 100-500 people
      5. More than 500 people
      6. Not sure
  4. Can we contact you via email if we have further questions? We'll only use this information to contact you regarding this particular survey.
    1. Yes/No checkbox
    2. If Yes, a field for email address appears

Quantitative Questions

  1. How would you best describe your work with MediaWiki?
    1. Multiple choice list
      1. Independent Developer - I contribute to Mediawiki and related software separate from my career.
      2. Supported Developer - I contribute to MediaWiki and related software as part of my career.
      3. System Admin - I administer my wiki as part of a larger organization.
      4. Consultant - I help others setup wikis for their organization.
      5. Architect - I design extensions for others to develop.
      6. End User - I contribute content to wikis.
      7. Other (blank text field)
  2. How long have you been using MediaWiki?
    1. Multiple choice list
      1. Less than 6 months
      2. 1-2 years
      3. 3-5 years
      4. 5+ years
  3. How did you find out about MediaWiki?
    1. Multiple choice list
      1. Search Engine
      2. Word of mouth
      3. Online Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.)
      4. Wanted to use the same software as Wikipedia
      6. Wikimedia or MediaWiki related events (Wikimania, Hackathons, SMWCons, etc.)
      7. Other (blank text field)
  4. How many MediaWiki sites do you manage?
    1. Multiple choice list
      1. 0
      2. 1
      3. 2-5
      4. 5-10
      5. More than 10
  5. Are your sites public or private?
    1. Multiple choice
      1. Public
      2. Private
      3. Mix of both
  6. How many end users are there of your MediaWiki sites?
    1. Please look at "Active users" on Special:Statistics on your wiki(s)
    2. Multiple choice
      1. Just me
      2. Fewer than 25 people
      3. 25-100 people
      4. 100-500 people
      5. More than 500 people
      6. Not sure
  7. What MediaWiki version are you currently using? (e.g. 1.19, 1.26wmf14)
    1. Please look at Special:Version on your wiki for the version number
    2. Multiple Choice
    3. Latest development build (1.26 + or WMF releases)
      1. 1.25
      2. 1.24
      3. 1.23
      4. 1.22
      5. 1.21
      6. Older than 1.20
  8. How frequently do you update your MediaWiki installations and extensions? (on average if you host multiple wikis)
    1. Multiple choice
      1. Monthly
      2. Every 3 months
      3. Every 6 months
      4. Once a year
      5. Multiple years between updates
      6. I haven't updated since I installed MediaWiki
  9. How many extensions do you use?
    1. Blank text box (number only)
  10. Of those extensions which are your Top Five?
    1. Five blank text boxes
  11. How many extensions have you created or contributed to?
    1. Blank text box

Qualitative Questions

  1. What are you using MediaWiki for?
    1. Blank text box
  2. Why do you use MediaWiki?
    1. Blank text box
  3. Have you ever attended a MediaWiki or Wikimedia related event?
    1. Multiple choice
      1. Yes (include blank text box)
      2. No
  4. Do you make contributions to the MediaWiki community?
    1. Multiple choice
      1. Check all that apply.
      2. Yes, I contribute feedback and bug reports
      3. Yes, I help with documentation
      4. Yes, I contribute patches and bug fixes
      5. Yes, I contribute extensions
      6. Yes, I contribute funding
      7. Other (blank text field)
  5. Why do you contribute or, if you do not contribute, why not?
    1. Blank text box
  6. What do you find most useful about MediaWiki?
    1. Blank text box
  7. What would you like to see improved in MediaWiki?
    1. Blank text box
  8. What would you like to see improved in the MediaWiki community (communication, extensions, code quality, events, etc.)
    1. Blank text box
  9. What is the most important thing the Mediawiki community should be focused on? (What opportunities do we have available? What challenges do we face?)
    1. Blank text box
  10. We're striving to increase the participation of MediaWiki users outside of Wikimedia Foundation-led initiatives. What do you think is the biggest barrier to participation?
    1. Blank text box

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