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Topic "2021 Dec 16 - 12:37 from"

I deployed the two $wgActions settings to my live wikis and things seem okay, so now I can focus on testing and deploying 1.36.3 (currently on 1.36.2). So I'm running my build script that does a full git clone of the MW core REL1_36 branch and all the extensions and skins we use. Then it runs composer (v2) but I'm seeing the following error during the composer runs: ``` > ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate Script ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate handling the pre-update-cmd event terminated with an exception

[ErrorException] Package::setProvides must be called with a map of lowercased package name => Link object, got a indexed array, this is deprecated and you should fix your usage. ```

If this is a bug I should report, I'm not sure where to do so. Suggestions?
Topic "MediaWiki Usage Questions"

As part of MediaWiki_Usage_Report_for_Wikimania_2015 we'd like to gather some information from existing MediaWiki users to help us understand their experiences using MediaWiki. This is a list of potential questions we would like to ask the MediaWiki community via an online survey.

Topic "MediaWiki Usage Report 2015"

The MediaWiki Stakeholders' User Group wants to improve MediaWiki and advocates the needs of MediaWiki users outside Wikimedia Foundation-supported projects. But who is using MediaWiki? In an effort to answer this question the MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group organized a survey we submitted to MediaWiki users during the summer of 2015.