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Make the case for MediaWiki.
In this context


  • What Excel is for numbers, MediaWiki is for knowledge.
  • It's your forms & lists toolkit.
  • It's your playground for trying out business apps.
  • It's your own Wikipedia.
  • It shortens the time for your new employee to get productive.
  • What are its alternatives?
  • Secure, Scalable, Future-Proof Digital Transformation for your organization
  • Getting the right information to the right people at the right time


"Every email that is written, every email attachment that is sent with key design information, and every important decision that is made and validated in an email chain, signifies, in the final sense, a theft of knowledge from those who come after us and are responsible for maintaining what we have built."


QUESTION: What will you feel familiar with and what will you find novel?

QUESTION: What is MediaWiki?

Transcluded from Software "MediaWiki"

Mediawiki is wiki server software that provides a robust set of mature wiki features and capabilities out of the box. Mediawiki core features and capabilities can be easily extended by adding numerous extensions from a wide ranging collection of community supported extensions. Two of the most common added capabilities are: 1) the ability to store and query data within its pages, and 2) the ability to develop organizational forms used to standardize data collection and enable electronic workflows. These and many other extensions enable MediaWiki to exceed its primary classification as a wiki and provide many of the basic functions typically provided by other software application categories (such as Document Management (DMS), Learning Management (LMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Information Management (PIM), etc.).

METAPHOR: What Excel is for numbers, MediaWiki is for knowledge. (Excel + PowerPoint = MediaWiki)

People use Excel to

  • structure data (most notably text in many cases)
  • and data aspects
  • across workbooks, sheets and cells
  • using cell functions
  • as well as Visual Basic scripting.

Then people use PowerPoint to present the data aspects.

People use MediaWiki to

  • structure data
  • and data aspects
  • across pages and sections
  • using templates, magic words, parser functions and forms
  • as well as Lua scripting
  • to account for edits made by users
  • and present the data aspects in templated semantic facets.