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A full-featured MediaWiki stack for easy deployment of enterprise-ready MediaWiki on production environments.
In this context


OPTION: Canasta can be managed by Software "Canasta CLI".

SCENARIO: Upgrade Canasta-DockerCompose

  1. ACTION: cd into a Canasta-DockerCompose directory. Such a directory is identified by git remote -v, which must return origin (fetch).
  2. ENSURE: Run git status and make sure there are no directories/files listed under Changes not staged for commit:. Shouldn't docker-compose.override.yml be ignored? Issue Are root level items in docker-compose.override.yml extending or completely replacing correpsonding root level items in docker-compose.yml? Issue
  3. ACTION: Run git pull

SCENARIO: Derive container image from canasta's original image

EXAMPLE: Derive container image extended for supporting

Add to php7.4-sqlite3
Add to "symfony/http-client": "5.4.20", "nyholm/psr7": "1.5.1", "laudis/neo4j-php-client"
Build image:

Only working if adding "RUN cd $MW_HOME && composer require --with-all-dependencies meilisearch/meilisearch-php:0.26.1 symfony/http-client nyholm/psr7 laudis/neo4j-php-client" to Canasta's official Dockerfile Issue

SCENARIO: Install a 3rd party extension

See "Installing 3rd party extensions"

SCENARIO: Run a localhost clone of a Canasta instanced backed up at a RESTIC_REPOSITORY

SCENARIO: Develop an extension in the context of Canasta