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Software " credit card processing"

Some reference notes and links for use with the platform.

Software "Canasta CLI"

The command line interface for Software "Canasta".

Software "Canasta"

A full-featured MediaWiki stack for easy deployment of enterprise-ready MediaWiki on production environments.

  • Mwstake:hasIssue::Shouldn't docker-compose.override.yml be ignored?
  • Mwstake:hasIssue::getenv('MW_SITE_SERVER') is not working.
  • Mwstake:hasIssue::Are root level items in docker-compose.override.yml extending or completely replacing correpsonding root level items in docker-compose.yml?
  • Mwstake:hasIssue::Only working if adding "RUN cd $MW_HOME && composer require --with-all-dependencies meilisearch/meilisearch-php:0.26.1 symfony/http-client nyholm/psr7 laudis/neo4j-php-client" to Canasta's official Dockerfile
Software "Conference software"

This page is about various software platforms for conferences.

Software "MediaWiki"

By Evans.R, Mcgillivray.A

Software "Zoom"

Zoom is an American remote conferencing services company headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

Software "cypress"

Testing for anything that runs in a browser.