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Developers can record user interaction steps to specify the intended use of their implemented functionality as Cypress scripts, which are used both for end-to-end testing as well as for end-user documentation.
In this context
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  1. Set up Software "cypress".
  2. Configure cypress.config.js.
  3. Assemble your use cases using parametrized blocks.
  4. Run WYSIWYG interactive tests against Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  5. Get automagically parsed documentation.

How to use

Configure and run the tests

  1. PENDING: Somehow get, which is an idea for the final place for what is currently LEX2206071345.
  2. ACTION: Run Cypress/Cypress from Software "cypress"
  3. ACTION: Add project by navigating EXACTLY into the root folder of a project, e.g. into ~/mediawiki-pages-EPPO/ (this is where the `cypress/` folder is/will be located in)
    • Cypress will indicate whether E2E testing is already configured
  4. Set baseUrl in ~/mediawiki-pages-EPPO/cypress.config.js and restart

Create the test documentation



Collecting MWStake best practices: #MWSTAKEBP