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Project "Boterhal Extensions Best Practices Index (Boterhal Index)"

Identify well maintained and relevant extensions that implement functionality in an optimal way.

Project "Community Services"

Coherent, consistent, relevant and up-to-date information, tools and services for third-party MediaWiki users.

Project "FYI Feed"
Project "MWStake Certified Extensions"

Administrators can rely on the extension store to know whether a certain extension is safe and performant to be run in conjunction with a specific MediaWiki setup. Developers can submit their extensions to the extension store in order to certify them as safe and performant to be run in conjunction with specific MediaWiki setups.

Project "Scheduled Mentoring Get Help Sessions"

People can record their well-documented and -explored issues on, which will be considered for being addressed by selected MediaWiki professionals in a public live session.

Project "Semantic MediaWiki development support"

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) development could use an injection of new developers/maintainers, the following is a summary of the feedback requested by Mark from the FOSS Foundations mailing list regarding encouraging new core maintainers.

Project "Tests and Documentation Maker"

Developers can record user interaction steps to specify the intended use of their implemented functionality as Cypress scripts, which are used both for end-to-end testing as well as for end-user documentation.