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  1. People need optimized information facets for daily work and decision making.
  2. MediaWiki is an integrated solution that facilitates managing/retrieving information facets that are optimized with regard to being MECE, EPPOed, referenced, coherent, consistent, relevant, up-to-date, true/consensus-based and complete.
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  • What Excel is for numbers, MediaWiki is for knowledge.
  • It's your forms & lists toolkit.
  • It's your playground for trying out business apps.
  • It's your own Wikipedia.
  • It shortens the time for your new employee to get productive.
  • What are its alternatives?
  • Secure, Scalable, Future-Proof Digital Transformation for your organization
  • Getting the right information to the right people at the right time

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What is the data structure in this wiki?

properties from namespace: Eppo0,Mwstake
grouped by: Eppo0:hasEntityType
Code Module:ExplainFacet

In the context of community knowledge management, deals with the following concepts: uses namespaces: Ds0, Eppo0, Mwstake.



EPPO, Special:Packages, Namespaces, Special:Templates