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Page Properties
Issue "Add search facet on extension use by distribution"

Issue "Remove $parser->addTrackingCategory( 'dpl-parserfunc-tracking-category' );"

Issue "SRF Datatables fails to load"


  • Extension "Page Exchange" (Consider implementing a functionality to extract a facet out of a wiki and convert it to a PX package.)
  • Functionality "MediaWiki MCR" (Figure out what goes where in code and wikitext (parser functions?)?)
  • Project "Boterhal Extensions Best Practices Index (Boterhal Index)" (C1703127635Class 'Wikimedia\TestingAccessWrapper' not found)
  • Software "Canasta CLI" (Better naming: Canasta installation directory (default "/home/lex") -> Directory under which individual canasta instance directories are placed (default "/home/lex")Enter the admin password (Press Enter to autogenerate the password): where is this going to be shown to the user?When create is aborted for some reason, a subsequent run fails because the destination path exists)
  • Software "Canasta" (Are root level items in docker-compose.override.yml extending or completely replacing correpsonding root level items in docker-compose.yml?Only working if adding "RUN cd $MW_HOME && composer require --with-all-dependencies meilisearch/meilisearch-php:0.26.1 symfony/http-client nyholm/psr7 laudis/neo4j-php-client" to Canasta's official DockerfileShouldn't docker-compose.override.yml be ignored?getenv('MW_SITE_SERVER') is not working.)
  • UseCase "Export/import pages via the wiki interface" (set interwiki prefix to any value as long as it stays the same for a given originating wiki (ADD THIS CLARIFICATION TO Special:Import))