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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2019/11/21"

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Meeting agenda

  1. Wait for attendees & chat Template:Agenda time
  2. Loan for EMWCon (i.e. financing the conference) Template:Agenda time
  3. What are the requirements for Board Members (i.e. Board member attendance of monthly meetings) Template:Agenda time
  4. How are future Board Members chosen? Template:Agenda time
  5. Discuss "Pay-For-Service" Template:Agenda time Moved to next meeting due to time
  6. Update on Incorporation Template:Agenda time


Etherpad Notes

  1. Update on Incorporation
    • Template:Agenda presenter As a quick status update, mwstake is incorporated but haven't completed the non-profit filing with the IRS, the paperwork is done, but needs to be submitted to the IRS. Our lawyer has left the firm we were working with, Mark will follow-up to find out the next steps. We do have an a bank account and we can turn on "merchant services" at any time which would allow us to collect money from anywhere in the world. We are hoping to give access to both Mark and Evita (Treasurer) before we set-up merchant services because it'll be harder to do after.
  2. Loan for EMWCon (i.e. financing the conference)
    • We need ~5k USD as seed fund /spendable money for the conference
    • Evita is our treasurer
    • Template:Agenda presenter Just have an account and send money ($500) from (10) people (suggests that members pay an entry fee)
    • Template:Agenda presenter It's actually more difficult than you'd expect to transfer money. "Seed money" would technically be a business expense in the US.
    • Template:Agenda presenter What about just early registration?
    • Template:Agenda presenter We could start collecting membership now.
    • Template:Agenda presenter It seems we have 3 options:
      1. "Founders" 10 people @ $500 (or some ratio)
      2. "Early Registration"
      3. "Collect Membership now" (Could be prepaid for the next XX years?)
    • Template:Agenda presenter Hopefully the amount of money in the bank will grow as conferences (that's I've been associated with) had a Revenue/cost >1 (usually a few hundred after each one)
    • Template:Agenda presenter MWStake is not "sponsoring" we are "underwriting" these conferences. Individuals/Companies can "sponsor".
    • Template:Agenda presenter We need the merchant services account up and running.
    • A vote was called:
      Founding members of MWStake are requested to pay an advance membership fee of 500 USD. We are aiming for at least 10 founding members. This money will be used as seed capital for MWStake.
      The vote passed with (5) yeas (there were 5 Board Members present which represented a quorum)
  3. What are the requirements for Board Members & How are future Board Members chosen?

Action board

Template:Actionable board