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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2019/04/05"

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Missing members of the board include Markus Glaser and Sabine Melnicki, Markus attempted to call in but asked to have the meeting go on without him. The meeting was held at EMWCon Spring 2019 in San Francisco (all attendees were physically present). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the group's bylaws.

  1. Evita discussed whether we should switch to "Mission/Vision" vs. "Purpose/Activities".
    • The purpose was decided to be adequate
    • It was determined a "Vision" should be created/used
    • "Make MediaWiki the most effective open source knowledge sharing software" had previously been used and the group unanimously decided to use it and incorporate it into the bylaws.
  2. The goal for corrections and final acceptance of the bylaws was Friday (April 12th)
  3. A proposal to change the membership name from "Supporting" to "Corporate" was passed unanimously.
  4. Evita proposed a reduction in the membership fee levels
    • The group unanimously decided on reducing the levels to the following:
      • Individual: $100
      • Bronze (Corporate <100 users): $100
      • Silver (Corporate 100 - 499 users): $1,000
      • Gold (Corporate 500 - 4,999 users): $5,000
      • Platinum (Corporate 5,000+ users): $10,000
  5. There was some discussion about expanding on the benefits of membership
    • More defined benefits are helpful to increase membership
    • No specific ideas were discussed
    • Open discussion about future conferences "Supported by MWStake"
    • Lex discussed a specific rule-set for how MWStake money is spent and pointed to his previous suggestion