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Event "MWStake Meeting 04/05/2019"

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The meeting was held at EMWCon Spring 2019 in San Francisco, the majority of the conference attendees were present.

  1. Brief introduction to the group on the history and plans for MWStake including an introduction to the board members
  2. Bylaws
    • 2.2.6 and 2.2.11 -- consider merging and/or clarifying these
    • Include and clarify that the group will back future EMWCon events -- Yaron agreed.
  3. Members provided feedback on possible extension that the group could maintain (stewardship)
    • Proposed Array extension as first for stewardship
    • Yaron proposed using some of his extensions as the first for stewardship
    • Voted that the Duplicator will be the first extension
  4. Need to establish a process for determining when/how we will mark an extension as maintained by the group
    • For the banner, consider changing "member of" to just "the EMStake group"