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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2021/01/15"

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. 2021 key goals to focus on
    1. MWStake Membership
      • Credit Card processing for all options (individual, corporate, donations, conference tickets, etc.)
      • Acquiring new members
      • Acquiring new sponsors
    2. Project Canasta/MediaWiki Open Source Content Services Platform (MOSCoSP)
      • Agreeing on a direction and supporting it
    3. Conference Participation
      • Taking on more responsibility for planning
    4. MWStake "Machinery/Processes"
      • Board Membership
      • Member (individual) voting
    5. Social Media Outreach
      • Handling the MWStake Twitter account
      • Promoting conferences
  2. Template:Agenda presenter Eric-Jan's email
    • To me a strategy is no more (or less) than a plan of action to achieve our long-term goals. These goals should be defined and are consistent with our mission and vision. So, step 1 is to define long-term goals and step 2 is the plan how to achieve these goals. The plan comes down to: Who does what and when should it be ready.
    • As far as strategy and goals are concerned, last year we have been mainly focusing on facilitating MediaWiki Stakeholder membership. This should be finalized by a working payment system and by getting new members on board. The acquisition plan to find members was adopted in April 2020.
    • There are 2 current initiatives that require to determine our position and role on the strategic agenda:
      1. Project Canasta
      2. MediaWiki Open Source Content Services Platform (MOSCoSP)
    • We could revitalize and review our workboard as potential input for our goals.
    • What’s our position to conferences as the recently held SMWCon Fall 2020 and the scheduled EMWCon Spring 2021?
    • To summarize for today’s agenda I would propose to discuss the long-term goals and the linked plan as concrete deliverables.
  3. Project Canasta/MediaWiki Open Source Content Services Platform (MOSCoSP)
  4. Marketing


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