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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2021/01/08"

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. Annual Report
    • Template:Agenda presenter I wrote up the annual report for last year. If everyone could please reiew & update if needed.
    • Some open questions:
      1. How much did we spend on incorporation and other activities?
      2. How much did we collect from members?
    • Template:Agenda presenter I can work on getting those numbers and generate a full report of our spending by looking at our bank account
    • Template:Agenda presenter Hallo Welt! is ready to become a member, but wondering about cost of SWIFT transfer vs. Credit Card
      • Template:Agenda presenter It looks like SWIFT international transfers are around $45, we should balance that cost vs. Credit Card percentages (for example, if the total CC transaction fee was 3% for the transaction and, the breakeven point assuming $45 SWIFT fee would be $1,500)
    • Template:Agenda presenter I had some issues with becoming an individual member (which stopped me from becoming a enterprise member with Hallo Welt!)
  2. MWStake Goals & Objectives


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