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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/07/17"

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. MWStake Brokerage
    • Action Item
    • Outline
    • (Lex) We should provide a matching service via TWebC
    • (Bryan) Lex and I discussed reserving 4% of the dues for project management which would be $100 of Gold ($2,500) and $200 of Platinum ($5,000)
      • (Mark) I recommend a round # of 5% which would be $125 of Gold ($2,500) and $250 of Platinum ($5,000)
    • (Bryan) We shouldn't "sole source" the developer so make sure we aren't biased, ideally we can have 3 developers quote each project (pulled from TWebC)
    • (Cindy) Should TWebC be public or private?
      • Based on input from Cindy, Lex, and Bryan, it sounds like open is preferred
    • (Cindy) "Trusted" with regards to TWebC means certified by MWStake
  2. MediaWiki Blog
    • (Mark from his communication with Markus) Using the domain ( will probably not be OK for us (MWStake) as is, but possibly OK if we were a Thematic Group
  3. Credit Card Processing
    • (Mark) Wikidata has an update via email
    • (Mark) If we want any changes made, we should make them quickly
    • (Bryan) What about conference dues or sponsor project costs if they go beyond (8 or 16 hours)? Should we have an ability for an open field?
      • (Mark) Yes we should, we should reach out and discuss this
    • Action Item
  4. Collection Extension
  5. Next Meeting
    • (Mark) Template:Action A vote was called with a unanimous yes to have another meeting in a month (around August 14th)


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