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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/06/19"

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. Credit Card Processing
    • (Mark) Template:Action We decided to implement the Credit Card Processing (through using Wikibase $90/hr, Eric-Jan to report
    • A vote was called to have Wikibase handle the development work to implement Credit Card Processing
      • Vote was unanimously approved
  2. MediaWiki blog
    • In previous converstation, Gergo brought up possible trademark issues
    • Ideally we can get permission to use the URL ( from the WMF to operate the blog
    • We should transfer the URL to MWStake from Hallo Welt
    • Template:Action (Markus) To approach the WMF about operating the blog and transferring the domain to MWStake
    • Template:Action (Mark) Actually, I need to transfer the domain to MWStake as well since I currently own it
    • (Cindy) I talked to Chris Koerner, he said talk to WMF Trademarks to ensure it is OK
    • (Markus) is owned by Wikimedia Germany, not WMF, so there is good history
    • Template:Action (Markus) We should have AFCom (Affiliates Committee) review our Bylaws
    • A vote was called to have Markus talk to AFCom about our Bylaws, talk to WMF Trademarks about operating the blog, and transferring the domain ( to MWStake
      • Vote was unanimously approved
  3. First MWStake Project
    • (Mark) The subcommittee (Cindy, Mark, Evita) were tasked to find a "First Project" for MWStake
    • (Mark) Goal was to find a project that can be completed in 6 months
    • (Mark) Be able to point to it as a "we did this" with a success
    • (Mark) The PDF rendering extension, Collection, used to be very useful but has broken
    • (Mark) We have found the extension DocBookExport which can print multiple pages
    • (Mark) The goal is to use DocBookExport as the backend to fix Collection
    • (Mark) Here's the Phabricator Ticket
    • (Cindy) There is a crucial first step requried, secure the money to pay a developer
  4. MWStake project brokerage
    • (Lex) With respect to my email (regarding paid work for security review), we need to get the project execution capability of MWStake established
    • (Mark) Sounds like we (MWStake) are more like "brokers" vs. "consultants"
    • (Lex) Yes, like an "escrow" service
    • (Markus) Code review is an area we might really be of service
    • (Mark) A subcommittee is needed for the for the "scoping, intake, and hand-off" of projects for guaranteed sponsorship projects where we (MWStake) act as project brokers
    • (Cindy) We need to have a description of the process, then use an example project like Lex's
    • Template:Action Lex and Eric-Jan to collaborate on a process to intake and execute on this activity
      • (Lex) My initial draft is here (request access from Lex if you don't already have it)
  5. Sales Slide Deck
    • Are we ready to give someone at a company/organization enough "ammo" to "sell" an MWStake sponsorship to their management"? If not, what is needed?
  6. Meeting Supercards
    • (Eric-Jan) Used some great cards during the meeting to show his support, vote, etc. Link below if anyone is interested:
    • Collaboration Supercards


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