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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/04/24"

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Meeting agenda

  1. Review Action Plan
  2. Bylaw Change Review


The Zoom meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. Action Plan Slide Deck
    • (Eric-Jan) Presented the deck
    • (Eric-Jan) Members can change our goals & priorities (tracked on Phabricator)
    • (Eric-Jan) First line contacts & Individual business solutions providers - Doesn't take much time to approach these contacts.
    • (Eric-Jan) Wikiapiary - Can take longer to find key admins
    • (Eric-Jan) The last 2 (Key accounts from business solutions providers & Translators, designers, documentation writers, testers, tech ambassadors) will take longer
    • (Eric-Jan) Template:Action The Dues schedule is a good start. Benefits should be clarified. Some benefits should be added.
    • (Mark) First thing, I think this is a plan we can agree on
    • (Lex) There is fruit on the ground (us). We should have an idea for what to do with the money. We should gather funds and knock an objective off the list ASAP.
    • (Cindy) It would be good to have "a successful" project under our belt to show that we can take ideas, decide how to execute, & accomplish the goal, documenting appropriately.
    • (Mark) How to decide what to choose as a project & who can do it?
    • (Lex & Bryan) showed Lex's submission for a method to handle funding of projects
    • (Cindy) Compile a list of projects, then we can decide who can complete the task. All vote on it as Board Members.
    • (Markus) We should look at funding first, then focus on what we are going to do. If we need to show what we've done, we should use LDAP
    • (James) We need to move forward first
    • (Evita) Just start with membership
    • (Cindy) Start with Board Member memberships
    • (Eric-Jan) Template:Action I will complete the membership dues
    • (James & Evita) $500 is too much for us to be asked to pay, we are giving our time
    • (Mark) Template:Action Time is running out, we should schedule a meeting in 2 weeks
    • (James) Do we have a proposition? I can reach out to my company as a potential sponsor.
    • (Eric-Jan) Template:Action We can make a sales deck.
    • (James) Let the first few companies be "Founding" sponsors and be recognized as such.
    • (Cindy) Open for "Founding members" as well
    • (Lex) Template:Action We can use manage.mwstake for capturing and sharing Board member information that shouldn't be shared with the public
  2. Bylaw Change Review
    • (Bryan) There are some changes we may want to consider to the Bylaws that allow us to move quicker
    • (Bryan) Template:Action Please review the following notes on my userpage

Action board

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