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Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/1/20"

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  1. Board Member removal
    • A vote was raised to remove Sabine from the board based off MWStake Bylaws - Template:Font color
    • The vote had (6) "Yea" and (0) "Nay" making the decision unanimous
    • Mark will notify Sabine
    • Sabine is encouraged to join the board for the next opening (see below):
    • If any Board Members feel they can't contribute the time, the Bylaws have a provision to step down at any time via 5.4.3 - Template:Font color
    • Now we have a vacancy, should we:
    1. Fill it immediately
    2. Amend the Bylaws to allow for 7 (or remove the specific numbering of members)
    3. Stay with 7 members until we figure it out
    • Bryan would like to get another member ASAP
    • Cindy brings up whether an odd number was beneficial but couldn't remember the outcome
      • Bryan discussed what the lawyer said about that. In short, an even number is OK, if we are close enough on an important vote, we should discuss more. Plus when there's a missing member during the vote (as it seems will regularly happen), we'll have an off number anyway
    • James recommended Daren Welsh
    • Markus recommends Richard Heigl
    • The group discussed avoiding multiple Board Members from the same organization (NASA and Hallo Welt! for Daren and Richard above)
      • Bryan mentioned having two Board Members from the same organization wouldn't be that bad as long as they were committed
    • Markus suggested Issara
      • Cindy mentioned perhaps Issara should show interest and availability in attending MWStake meetings first (Note: We should invite her!)
    • Other names that were discussed include Clément Flipo (WikiFab & Dokit), Bernhard Krabina (KDZ), Karsten Hoffmeyer (Professional.Wiki), & Ad Strack van Schijndel (Wikibase Solutions)
    • Markus says we should send out a request for applicants via mailing lists
  2. Raising money
    • As an update for the merchant account, we are ready to turn it on as soon as we want to request money
    • Mark asked Evita to work with Lex on a campaign to raise money