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TopicType Links Building Blocks
Aspect (12) Template Form Category
Event (162) Template Form Category
Extension (3) Template Form Category
Functionality (3) Template Form Category
Group (0) Template Form Category
Integration (0) Template Form Category
Issue (3) Template Form Category
Monitoring (0) Template Form Category
Principle (2) Template Form Category
Project (7) Template Form Category
SearchFacet (9) Template Form Category
Setup (5) Template Form Category
Software (7) Template Form Category
Support (1) Template Form Category
Topic (3) Template Form Category
UseCase (10) Template Form Category

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  1. A TopicType's form page calls Template:StandardFormSections with dynamicPropertiesConcept=<CONCEPT_NAME>.
  2. dynamicPropertiesConcept's default value is set to Concept:AllPredicates in Template:StandardFormSections.

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See Namespaces.

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MWStake system explanations

All EPPO topics

Aspect "Confluence and (BlueSpice) MediaWiki"
Comparison of features along the official Confluence Full Features List to share ideas about further developments for MediaWiki third party user.
Aspect "Data Structures & Apps"
Aspect "Effortless Input — Efficient Retrieval"
Aspect "How to name and entitle pages"
Decide between human-readable page names (e.g. Event "SMWCon 2022") and abstract page names (e.g. Event:123456789).
Aspect "MWStake Membership"
The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is a Wikimedia-affiliated user group for users of MediaWiki. You can read more more on mwstake:About. The Vision is to make MediaWiki the most effective open source knowledge sharing software. The purpose is to preserve and promote MediaWiki as open-source collaboration software for the benefit of all users. You can read more about our vision, purpose, activities in our Bylaws.
Aspect "MWStake Mission"
Aspect "MWStake incorporation"
This page documents the project for mwstake incorporation. Members of mwstake decided to incorporate with the two main goals being: Bank account for events (EMWCon, etc.) and accept grants from the WMF as a non-profit.
Aspect "MediaWiki Usage Report for Wikimania 2015"
Aspect "Sales deck"
Some information about marketing collateral for the MWStake marketing sponsorship campaign.
Aspect "Sponsors"
Aspect "Suggested principles of knowledge management"
Aspect "The MWStake story"
Event "Conference 01/04/2016 : Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 (San Francisco, CA, USA)"
Event "Conference 01/09/2017 : Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 (San Francisco, CA, USA)"
Event "Conference 01/22/2018 : Wikimedia Developer Summit"
Event "Conference 03 April 2019 : EMWCon Spring 2019 (Daly City, CA)"
Event "Conference 03/08/2017 : EMWCon Spring 2017 (McLean, VA, USA)"
Event "Conference 03/21/2018 : EMWCon Spring 2018 (Houston, TX)"
Event "Conference 03/29/2019 : Wikimedia Summit 2019 (Berlin, Germany)"
Event "Conference 04/01/2016 : Wikimedia Hackathon 2016 (Jerusalem, Israel)"
Event "Conference 04/22/2016 : Wikimedia Conference 2016 (Berlin, Germany)"
Event "Conference 05/17/2019 : Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 (Prague, Czech Republic)"
Event "Conference 05/19/2017 : Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 (Vienna, Austria)"
Event "Conference 05/22/2015 : Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 (Lyon, France)"
Event "Conference 05/25/2016 : EMWCon Spring 2016 (New York, NY, USA)"
Event "Conference 06/21/2016 : Wikimania 2016 (Esino Lario, Italy)"
Event "Conference 08/09/2017 : Wikimania 2017 (Montreal, Canada)"
Event "Conference 09/28/2016 : SMWCon Fall 2016 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)"
Event "Conference 10/04/2017 : SMWCon Fall 2017"
Event "Conference 12 December 2018 : SMWCon Fall 2018 (Regensburg, Germany)"
Event "Conference 2015/05/06 : SMWCon Spring 2015 (St. Louis, MO, USA)"
Event "Conference 2015/07/15 : Wikimania 2015 (Mexico City, Mexico)"
Event "Conference 2015/10/28 : SMWCon Fall 2015 (Barcelona, Spain)"
Event "Conference 2017/03/31 : Wikimedia Conference 2017 (Berlin, Germany)"
Event "Conference 2018/05/18 : Wikimedia Hackathon 2018 (Barcelona, Spain)"
Event "Conference 2018/07/18 : Wikimania 2018 (Cape Town, South Africa)"
Event "Conference 2022/04/06 : EMWCon Spring 2022"
Event "Conference 9/25/2019 : SMWCon Fall 2019"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2019/04/05"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2019/04/26"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2019/11/21"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/04/03"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/04/24"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/05/08"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/05/22"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/06/05"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/06/19"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/07/03"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/07/17"
Event "MWStake Board Meeting 2020/08/14"

Facet Graph

properties from namespace: Eppo0,Mwstake
grouped by: Eppo0:hasEntityType
Code Module:ExplainFacet

In the context of community knowledge management, deals with the following concepts: uses namespaces: Ds0, Eppo0, Mwstake.


How to add a new EPPO topic type

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Form:Topic (see Aspect "How to name and entitle pages")

replacing Topic with the new EPPO topic name. (#LEX2206031136)