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The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is a Wikimedia-affiliated user group for users of MediaWiki. You can read more more on mwstake:About. The Vision is to make MediaWiki the most effective open source knowledge sharing software. The purpose is to preserve and promote MediaWiki as open-source collaboration software for the benefit of all users. You can read more about our vision, purpose, activities in our Bylaws.
In this context
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You are invited to become a member of our corporation!

Besides some of the membership benefits (mentioned below) it is a good idea to support the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group with a financial contribution when you

  • share our mission,
  • want to support our activities (see Bylaws),
  • want to support our Projects (eg. cover some of your recurring costs),
  • want to contribute to us becoming a sustainable undertaking,
  • simple think we are awesome :-)

In order to do so, you need

  1. to create an account on
  2. after successful login, you can click on "Become a Member"
  3. there you can become a member and pay the membership fees by credit card (after you have registered as an individual member, you can update the membership to a corporate membership)

The following Membership Dues Schedule represents the Individual/Ordinary and Corporate membership dues.

Membership Dues Schedule
Individual Corporate
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum††
Template:Font color Template:Font color Template:Font color Template:Font color Template:Font color Template:Font color
Votes††† 1 10 25 40 50
Discounted mwstake conference registration†††† Template:Aye Template:Aye Template:Aye Template:Aye Template:Aye
Logo on Template:Aye Template:Aye Template:Aye
Logo on mwstake communication/marketing materials Template:Aye Template:Aye Template:Aye
Talk at mwstake events Template:Aye Template:Aye
Guaranteed 8hr project Template:Aye
Logo displayed during mwstake events Template:Aye
Guaranteed 16hr project Template:Aye
Non-voting board member nomination††††† Template:Aye
This fee is in addition to (at least one) Individual membership.
†† Platinum Plus members ($10,000) have Platinum benefits + their branded event
††† Voter must have attended at least 2 events prior to voting
†††† Limit of discounted registration per corporation
††††† Limit of board members per corporation