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Aspect "How to name and entitle pages"

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Decide between human-readable page names (e.g. Event "SMWCon 2022") and abstract page names (e.g. Event:123456789).
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When defining forms, you can specify how the resulting page will be named:

ASPECT Page name
OPTION: NOT based on form input, e.g.: Form:Topic: {{{info|...|page name=FIXED<unique number;random;10>}}}
ACT: In Form:Topic use {{FormHeader|Event|noMandatoryFields}}, i.e. all form fields can be optional concerning the page name
OPTION: Based on form input, e.g.: Form:Topic: {{{info|...|page name=<Template[field]>...}}}
ACT: In Form:Topic use {{FormHeader|Event}} and any <Template[field]> in page name= must be made mandatory in
  • Form:Topic, and/or
  • Template:FormHeader, and/or
  • any other templates used in the context of Form:Topic
ASPECT Page title
FACT: Template:TopicMetaTemplate fixes {{DISPLAYTITLE:{{{eppo0:hasEntityType}}} "{{{eppo0:hasEntityTitle}}}"}}
ACT: DISPLAYTITLE can be customized in Template:Topic by specifying {{TopicMetaTemplate|eppo0:hasEntityTitle=