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Comparison of features along the official Confluence Full Features List to share ideas about further developments for MediaWiki third party user.
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  • This is a draft
  • The feature list of BlueSpice here is not complete. This overview is meant as a "response" to the Confluence list to identify strengths and weak points in both systems. It would be helpfull to have an another listing of BlueSpice / MediaWiki extensions and a response by Confluence.


Confluence "Spaces" is an equivalent to the MediaWiki "Namespaces"

Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Unlimited Spaces Unlimited Namespaces
Space Directory UserSidebar
Categorize Spaces -
Space Permissions PermissionManager
Browse by Label CategoryPage
Archive Spaces NamespaceManager(?)
Export Content UniversalExport (PDF, DOCX, HTML)
Publish Blogs Blog
Default Permissions -
Backup and Restore WikiCopy (2016)
Space Sidebar UserSidebar


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Blueprints - Diverse Semantic Templates
Page Templates PageTemplates
Like Pages RatedComments / Rating
Share Pages -
Import Word Documents VisualEditor (BlueSpice)
Change Comments Summary (=MediaWiki Standard)
Restrict Pages PageAccess
Rename Pages Move (=MedaWiki Standard) Move Move (=MedaWiki Standard)
Export Pages UniversalExport (PDF e.a.)
Export Tables (Plugin)
Start Discussions TalkPage (=MediaWiki Standard) TalkPage, LiquidThreads
Trackback Links -
Page Hierarchy Subpages (=MediaWiki Standard)
Page Versioning History (=MediaWiki Standard)
Recover Deleted Pages Deletion Log (=MediaWiki Standard)
Move & Copy Pages Move (=MedaWiki Standard) Move Move
Rendered Page Diffs VisualDiff
Add Labels Category (=MediaWiki Standard)
- Interwikilinks
- Cite
- Countthings


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Rich Text Editor VisualEditor VisualEditor
Drag& Drop Editing PasteImage
Page Layouts -
Autocomplete for Links InsertLink (with autocomplete)
Embed Office Documents -
Keyboard Shortcuts -
Autoconvert for Links -
Advanced Table Editing InsertTables
Autoconvert for Attachements -
Autocomplete for Attachements InsertFile (with autocomplete)
Autocomplete for Macros InsertMagic (with autocomplete)
Add Multimedia Content -
Page Drafts SaferEdit (will be replaced)
Copy&Paste Images PasteImage
@mention others -
Autoformatting -
Property Panels -
Embed Web Widgets - MediaWiki Widgets
InsertImages InsertFile
Resize&Link Images InsertFile
Link to Antything InsertLink
EasyFormatting VisualEditor
MacroBrowser InsertMagic
Drag&Drop -
ApplyImageEffects -
PageTemplates PageTemplates
Find&Replace VisualEditor Replace Text
ConcurrentEditing EditConflict
ResponsiveEditor VisualEditor (FullScreen)
Assign Tasks -
- Signature


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Task List Macro Checklist (German description)
Status Macro Checklist (German description)
Expand Macro - Template
Add more macros -
Contributors Macro Editors
Change History Macro SmartList
Content by user Macro UserContribution
Chart Macro Semantic Result Formats
Recently Updated Macro SmartList
Network Macro Userlist
Info Macro -
User Profile Macro - Template
Gallery Macro Gallery Tag
Favorite Pages Macro PagesVisited
Note Macro - Template
ProfilePictureMacro -
Panel Macro Poem
RSS Feed Macro RSS Feed
Tip Macro - Template
Page Index Macro AllPages, WikiExplorer
Content by Label Macro CategoryPages / DPL
Office Excel Macro - Template
Page Tree Macros CategoryTree, Bookmaker, Breadcrumbs
Page Tree Search Macro -
Popular Labels Macro TagCloud
Labels List Macro -
Recently Used Labels Macro -
Jira Issues Macro -
Children Macro -
Office PowerPoint Macro -
Popular Labels Macro WikiCategroyTagCloud
Related Labels Macro SimilarPages
LiveSearch Macro Search Tag
Office Word Macro -
Live Search Macro Inputbox
Search Results Macro -
Recently Used Labels MAcro -
View PDF Macro - PDF Handler
Navigation Map Macro -
Table of Content Macro Article Navigation (TOC)
Include Page Macro Templates
Anchor Macro Anchor
Excerpt Macro -
Excerpt Include Macro -
Column Macro - Template
HTML Macro HTML input possible (MediaWiki Standard)
Widget Connector MediaWiki Widgets
Section Macro - Template
Space Details Macro -
Code Block Macro SyntaxHighlight
Attachements Macro -
Blog Posts Macro BlogTag
Spaces List Macro -
Page Properties Report Macro StateBar
Page Properties Macro Semantic MediaWiki
Multimedia Macro EmbedVideo
div Tags, Switches and Variables


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Create Task List -
Assign Tasks -
Tasks From Notification -
Personal Task List -
Task Notifications -
Mobile Ready MobileFrontend
Personal Task List -


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Attach your Files Files
Drag&Drop - / WebDAV
Label Attachements File Categories
Search Attachments Search Files
Embed Office Files -
Attachement Versioning File Versioning
Bulk Download -
Link Attachements InsertLink
Control Attachement Size Upload Maximum
Display Attachement Lists -
Preview Attached Office Files -
Edit Attached Office Files WebDAV
Attachements Macro -
Multiupload (Plugin)


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Stay up to Date Notifications / Echo
Popular Content Summary -
Mobile Ready -
Autowatch WatchList
Daily Email Reports Daily / Weekly Reports
Share Pages and Blogs -
Manage Watcher ResponsibleEditors
Watch Spaces Notifications (German description)
Watch Pages Watchlist
Watch all Blogs -
Network Notifications -
Jira Notifications -
Minor Edits Minor Edits
Follow Notifications -
RSS Subscriptions RSSFeeder / RSSStandards
Watch Blog Posts in a Space BlogTag


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Search anything Search anything (ExtendedSearch)
Search Filter Facetted Search
Browse Recently Viewed PagesVisited
Borwse Related Labels Similar Pages
Advaced Search Advanced Search
Search your Email -
Livesearch Macro TagSearch
Search inside Attachement File Search
Quick Navigation Search as you type
Preview Attachement -
Browser Search Browser Search
Did you mean Fuzzy Search


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Browse Activity MobileFrontend
View Pages&Blogs MobileFrontend
Quick Search MobileFrontend
Make Contributions MobileFrontend
Track Notifications MobileFrontend
View User Profiles -
Manage Tasks -

"Jira Integration"

Confluence offers a bundle of extensions for their software Jira


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Guided Upgrades -
Connect to Jira -
Buildt-in Database - ExternalData?
Guided Installer Installer
Administration WikiAdmin
Bundled Database Drivers -
Unlimited Developer Licenses Testsystem
Import other Wikis -
Troubleshoot Issues -
Site Backup - WikiCopy (2016)
Internationalisation Internationalisation
Server / Cloud Server / Cloud


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Customize Flexiskin
Universal Plugin Manager Marketplace / Extension Store (2016 / 2017)
Massive Plugin Ecosystem Extensions on and elsewhere
Content Templates (ongoing)
Custom Layouts / Color Schemes NamespaceCSS / Sidebars
Welcome Message -
Remote Interfaces API
Themes Skins
Bundled Themes Content Templates (ongoing)
Logo Logo
Full Source Code Access GPL
Custom Stylesheets Custom CSS
TopMenubar Customizer


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Dashboards Dashboards (User / Admin)
Status Updates Notifications
Hover Profile -
People Directory Userlist
Custom Starting Page Dashboards (User / Admin)
Networks Watchlist
Personal Spaces UserPage
User Profiles UserPreferences
Recently Viewed Content PagesVisited
Favorites UserSidebar / UserPage
Profile Picture Avatars
Search Preferences


Confluence BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Confluence Groups Groupmanager
Restricted Pages PageAccess
Unlimited Anonymous Users Unlimited Anonymous Users
Public Signup Register
Captcha Captcha
Centralized User Management LDAPAuthentication
Failed Login Captcha Captcha
Space Permissions PermissionManager
Secure Sign-up -
Space Permissions PermissionManager
Invite Users -

Extensions and features of (BlueSpice) MediaWiki

Topic BlueSpice pro MediaWiki SMW
Templating and Semantic Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Result Formats
QA ArticleInfo
Maintenance Reports
div. SpecialPages
FlaggedRevisions (Working with drafts)
Book ChapterHierarchy
Book collection and export
Editorial Tools WikiExplorer
Readers (German description)
Administration Nuke